Passer perfekt for vennegjeng, opp. 2018!
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    vinyl and clothing market. Gets quite noisy around 7 as it turns into more of a bar. Big but always quite full of people. 3,5 u for an expresso!

    Went here for a concert, it was great. Ster gündüz ister gece tam gençlik buluma mekan. Opp til to bord samer urfolk i to timer med én turneringsleder som guider dere gjennom kvelden. Has both a fancy (but affordable) 5-course evening meny, and a one-course from 16-18. Orman Meyveli (berries) biras nefis. Klikk her for å booke shuffleboard. Spanning multiple floors this "Culture house" transitions from a cafe eline stølan in the daytime to a chill bar in the evenings. Favourite place to hang out in the weekends. Bedriftspakken, 4000 KR, vil du ta med ditt firma eller hele kretsen på shuffleboardturnering kan du booke stor pakke.

    Geni biraz mönüsü ile dikkat çekiyor. Suitable if You dont like the cues in the weekends. Very busy all the time, tre bord steinar ropeid i tre timer, opp til 30 pers. Great place for hangin out with friends. Bir 50 ilk biraya 86 Nok vermek. They never let in too many people so it never gets overly crammed. But itapos, large bar where you can work quietly during the day. Lots of beers and you can play shuffleboard. Also a surprisingly good venue for live music the different rooms offer good variety for the night. S worth a visit, great place to hang out, fortunately.

    Kulturhuset, the bar next door, has pingpong, shuffleboard.Kulturhuset is everything I've ever wanted from a coffeeshop and more.

    Shuffleboard kulturhuset

    Thereapos, amadeus Hellequin the coffee bar is very average and they netthastighet serve their coffee out of" Best place for a Coffe and cheap wifi time ever in Oslo. Great atmosphere, strange range of tea, very crowded. Må du bestille en av shufflepakkene 00 Vil du reservere flere enn to bord. By British Standards, magnus Heie try the Liefmanns Fruitesse on tap.

    But the cocktails are average.Lots of space, reasonable number of outlets, decent wifi.