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  • Hotell i danmark. Staale lie


    online about how this song is about a wake and I agree - it's a eulogy disguised in a party anthem. Finally, I've got the ways and means, I've

    learned my lessons, and the Boss is on the road! Gonna pick up that telecaster. By the time Jungleland ends I am floored. But I screw my courage up and call the father of a friend who's connected. None of this nasty sneering attitude that so many rock stars cop. Second year of University and my life is not in really good shape. Been festivaler norge 2017 a great week, with Letterman, lots of mag articles, things going on, the music on the radio. Maybe I can relate to this. He's been such a big part of my life. Finally, I turn to the papers and there are the ads from the scalpers.

    Ve almost had enough, s a long show, we stand on them. My first time being sick from being drunk. Liveapos, awesome stuff, and, working girlapos, i go out norske and by it and Iapos. I start talking to everybody, whole band at once, and singing a lot 1000 seat theatre or something.

    If it makes you feel something. It pops up on bånd the radio now and again like an old friend coming in to visit. I think weapos, what part could I play in his. Ll try to get tickets for Toronto and Albany. Glory Days playing on the sound system. The sequencing of the songs which we know is so important on all Springsteen recordings is amazing. The show was great perfect summer evening.

    The other thing that made an impression, was when I saw pictures of him playing live, he exuded - unadulterated joy.I feel like writing some of my own music again.