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    performed only in public hospitals. Characteristics of the included women are given in Table. In this article we describe how this treatment option was received by a series

    of 476 women with a gestation period of 63 days who chose to have a medical abortion performed by a specialist in private practice. Table 3 Satisfaction with the abortion procedure. At the check-up, the median perception of safety was also 10 (range 110). Table 4 Contact with other healthcare personnel, need for additional consultations and time spent by the specialist in private practice. This option provides greater freedom of choice to pregnant women who wish to have an abortion, and the patients are satisfied. Furthermore, information about sigrid the project has been posted on the website /gravid and the Directorate of Healths web pages on pregnancy. Good information may help increase the patients sense of safety and ability to cope with what will happen, and form the basis for more realistic expectations ( 13 ).

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    83 reported to have bled moderately or heavily during the first days after familien the abortion procedure. Legesekretær, all the women voluntarily chose to have this procedure performed by a specialist in private practice. Including how this treatment programme was smalhans received by the women concerned. A total of 68 women 18 had attended one or more additional consultations with the specialist in private practice in connection with the abortion Table.

    Les om andre pasienters erfaringer med denne legen eller del dine egne.Runa Sigrid Aabø (born 1960 doctor, specialist in obstetrics and gynaecology, gynaecologist in private practice.

    20141427 and was considered not private sykehus på østlandet subject to mandatory submission. The specialists in private practice were also asked to report the time spent for the first consultation and the checkup. Table 1, altogether 415 women attended for the checkup two to four weeks after the abortion. Pregnant women with a gestation period 63 days determined by ultrasonographic assessment who sought out a specialist in private practice to obtain a medical abortion were included in the project on an ongoing basis n 476. Characteristics of the women included in the project. Only anonymous data were registered and analysed. Juni 2016Rapporter som upassende Vurderingen er rapportert.

    Published: Tidsskr Nor Legeforen 2018 doi:.4045/tidsskr.18.0041 Anbefalte artikler Annonse Annonse.This concurs with the results from other studies that have assessed patient satisfaction with medical abortions that were initiated in hospital and completed at home ( 11, 14, 15 ).