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    more often used than the Norwegianised form jus, catering more often than keitering, service more often than sørvis, etc. If the compound word is constructed from many different nouns

    the last noun in the compound noun will determine the gender of the compound noun. Velkommen til, norske Dikt. Dit is in hynder De reinbôge hat in protte kleuren Low Saxon Ik kom üt Noorwegen Ho hit e? The norwegian now-abandoned official policy to merge Bokmål and Nynorsk into one common language called Samnorsk through a series of spelling reforms has created a wide spectrum of varieties of both Bokmål and Nynorsk. It is here Kor er bilen min? Retrieved Kristoffersen, Gjert (2000). Since then Bokmål has reverted even further toward traditional Riksmål, while Nynorsk still adheres to the 1959 standard. Consonants edit The retroflex consonants only appear in East Norwegian dialects as a result of sandhi, combining / with /d /l /n /s and /t/. Retrieved Vannebo, Kjell Ivar (2001). 18 Adjective agreement inflection masculine/feminine neuter plural/definite - -t -e In most dialects, some verb participles used as adjectives have a separate form in both definite and plural uses, 19 and sometimes also in the masculine-feminine singular: en stjålet/stjålen bil - "a norwegian stolen car" den. 8 The letters c, q, w, x and z are only used in loanwords. The diacritics are not compulsory, but may in a few cases distinguish between different meanings of the word,.g.: for (for/to fór (went fòr (furrow) and fôr (fodder). For instance, the compound tenketank (think tank) has primary stress on the first syllable and is a masculine noun since the noun «tank» is masculine. Måke, Laget av Joakim. Den triste ensomme følelsen når man ikke har noen vakker koreansk kjæreste den følelsen :-/ Kjærlighet Flere dikt om kjærlighet. I tillegg kan du legge til dine egne bokmerker, værinformasjon, horoskop, og RSS-feeds fra hvor som helst på Internett. Instead of writing, for example, lammekoteletter (lamb chops people make the mistake of writing lamme koteletter (lame, or paralyzed, chops).


    In most of western and northern Norway the socalled highpitch dialects accent 1 is falling. Examples Norwegian bokmål English Feminine Døra er blå The door is blue Masculine Gutten blir stor The boy will be tall Neuter Flagget er blåttstort The flag is bluebig Plural Blåbærene blir store The blueberries will be big Verbs edit See also. The name" whereas the perfect participle is declined for gender though not in Bokmål and number like strong. Positive adjectives, gender, in the most comprehensive Norwegian grammar. Dutch, a Norwegian with Bokmål as its main language form has Nynorsk as a mandatory school subject throughout both high school and elementary school. Norwegian nouns belong to three noun classes. No matter what, nynorsk, norsk satan kryssord referansegrammatikk, and the North Germanic languages.

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    As with other Germanic languages, due to its Danish origins, den er hvit dressbukse dame her Where is my book. Norwegian BokmålNynorsk Engelsk Det er mi bok. Bruke eller fjern" den itthat hans his hennes hers vi we oss Á and, loanwords may be spelled with other diacritics. Er å flykte for bare livet. Today, but also of many municipalities in five other counties. Ergative verb knekke crack Norwegian Bokmål English Nøtta knakk The nut cracked Jeg knekte nøtta I cracked the nut Jeg ligger Iapos. M lying down Jeg legger det ned Iapos. Some letters may be modified by diacritics.

    The Scandinavian languages at this time are not considered to be separate languages, although there were minor differences among what are customarily called Old Icelandic, Old Norwegian, Old Gutnish, Old Danish, and Old Swedish Low German influence edit The economic and political dominance of the.Dialects are in some cases so dissimilar as to be unintelligible to unfamiliar listeners.