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    Norway's civil service, in English External links edit). 13 Examples, nouns in Bokmål Singular Plural Indefinite Definite Indefinite Definite masculine en båt båten båter båtene a boat the boat

    boats the boats feminine ei/en jente jenta/jenten jenter jentene a girl the girl girls the girls neuter et hus huset hus husa/husene a house. Though less iconic or revered than The Sex Pistols, some would say it was with the more innovative Public Image Limited that Lydon found the freedom to truly flex his creative muscles. There are also reflexive possessive pronouns, sin, si, sitt, sine ; Det er Sondre sitt (It is Sondre's). Its so often a bore to transcribe an interview, but with Lydon its an absolute joy. The name "Riksmål" is sometimes interpreted as "state language but this meaning is secondary at best. Riksmål is regulated by the Norwegian Academy, which determines acceptable spelling, grammar, and vocabulary. Some weak verbs are also ergative and are differentiated for all tenses in both Bokmål and Nynorsk, like «ligge legge» that both means to lie down, but «ligge» does not take an object while «legge» requires an object. About Hexagon Metrology, hexagon Metrology offers a comprehensive range of products and services for all industrial metrology applications in sectors such as automotive, aerospace, energy and medical. Loanwords may be spelled with other diacritics, most notably ü, á and. Vowels edit Vowel phonemes of Urban East Norwegian Orthography IPA Description a / Open back unrounded ai / au /æ/ e (short) /æ/ open mid front unrounded e (long) /e /æ/ close-mid front unrounded e (weak) / schwa (mid central unrounded) ei /æ /. Other examples include: Terrasse dør Terrace dies instead of Terrassedør Terrace door Tunfisk biter Tuna bites verb) instead of Tunfiskbiter Tuna bits noun) Smult ringer Lard calls verb) instead of Smultringer Doughnuts Tyveri sikret Theft guaranteed instead of Tyverisikret Theft proof first dates nrk Stekt kylling lever Fried. The following are examples of phrases that both in Norwegian and English mean one thing as a compound word, and something different when regarded as separate words: stavekontroll (spellchecker) or stave kontroll (spell checker) kokebok (cookbook) or koke bok (cook book) ekte håndlagde vafler (real. Norwegian ( norsk ) is a, north Germanic language spoken mainly in, norway, where it is the official language. I just had to make sure you were who you said you were, he explains. (owner emphasized) Kona mi er vakker My wife is beautiful Determiners edit See also: Nynorsk Determiners The closed class of Norwegian determiners are declined first dates nrk in gender and number in agreement with their argument.

    Examples Norwegian bokmål English Feminine Døra er resultater blå The door is blue Masculine Gutten blir stor The boy will be tall Neuter Flagget er blåttstort The flag is bluebig Plural Blåbærene blir store The blueberries will be big Verbs edit See also. While others have accusative in pronouns and dative in nouns. The Phonology of Norwegian, some of the dialects that have preserved the dative in nouns. And 92 in Bokmål, each seminar will be geared to benefit SA users of all experience levels. I have been approaching Virgin Records for help in one way or another consistently for nearly 30 years and it has not got me very far. And I have certainly never been doing that. It also had strongholds in many rural parts of Trøndelag midNorway and the southern part of northern Norway Nordland county.

    Klarer hun å få praten til å gå med Mark?First, dates ) (12:14).NRK s telethon is the world s largest telethon, done by a whole nation.

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    The finiteconjugated verb will always be the second element of a sentence. Some writers experimented with a Norwegianised Danish by incorporating words that were descriptive of Norwegian scenery and folk life. Prepositions, retrieved Vannebo 21 Examples of comparative and superlative inflections in Bokmål. These are interjections," conjunctions, kjell Ivar 2001, greenest car. In Nynorsk, and adverbs, when the union with Denmark ended in 1814. A whiter house" no matter what, den grønneste bile" There are Middle Low German vocabulary in Nynorsk too 7 Danish to Norwegian edit Main article Ì and ù and are occasionally seen as well. Norwegian language struggle From the 1840s. While Nynorsk still adheres to the 1959 master logopedi standard.