Trondenes is an old parish and former municipality in Troms county in Norway. 2018!
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    the 2000 year old farm mound. Census Records, sogneprestenes manntall. In a coastal defense emplacement the gun could be elevated to 52 degrees, giving it a range of 33

    miles (56 kilometers) with the special 1,300-pound (600 kilogram) long-range shell called the Adolf-shell. 40.6 cm Schnelladekanone C/34 (Adolf Gun) at Trondenes, Norway. The 186-square-kilometre (72 sq mi) municipality existed from 1838 until its dissolution in 1964. They were theoretically capable of shooting whales in the feeding grounds off Andenes. Trondenes clerical district / Trondenes parish. On October 25, 1956, a small border adjustment was made between Trondenes and Kvæfjord. CruisesSimilar great experiences, the Roundtrip Cruise: Bergen - Kirkenes - Bergen. The church bells once hung from a turret but, as the turret has long since been demolished, the bells now ring from a small tower in the graveyard. Adjacent to the church is the Trondenes Historical Center (. Hurtigruten travelers can see bjarte Trondenes Church while on the excursion. Vågsfjorden in what is now, harstad Municipality. The areas east of the. They were spared from scrapping and one is open as a museum. Sjogata 11, Harstad.5 out.0, located in the heart of Harstad, this golf hotel is within 3 mi (5 km) of Trondenes Historical Centre, Trondenes Church, and Adolfkanonen. The church is best known for its rich decorations, including three gothic triptychs, one of which was earlier attributed to the German Hanseatic artist Bernt Notke, although modern art historians now doubt the attribution. The clerical census for Trondenes includes the parishes of, trondenes, Kvæfjord, Bjarkøy (Sand Torsken, Berg and Hillesøy and is available on microfilm at the. Small altar inside Trondenes Church, Norway. Grytøya and part of the eastern coast of the island. All but a couple of the cards were issued by the post office (the others were issued by the Norwegian Banknote Printing Works). Published by Trondenes Bygdebok nemnd med Harstad Bokhandel, Harstad 1956. Let yourself also the lure of our café with terrace and panoramic views, as well as our gift shop. Hålogaland 88 signature card with Norway Scott #716 affixed and postmarked with a Halstad, Norway postmark showing Trondenes Church, November 11, 1988. Pulpit inside Trondenes Church, Norway. Folketælling for Norge, The 1900 census for Trondenes clerical district includes the parishes of Trondenes, Skåneland and Sandtorg and is available on microfilm at the Family History Library. The shell was in the air for over two minutes, and had a maximum trajectory ceiling of 14 miles (21,800 m).After the end of the war the Trondenes guns were taken over by the Norwegian Army, along with 1,227 shells. The rate of fire for the weapon was around 2 rounds per minute as coastal artillery. Court Records Land Records Probate Records Senja judicial district. Compared to the other ten north Norwegian medieval stone churches, The church is presumably the third church on the site, the first stave church being built in the 11th century, followed by another in the 12th.

    1904, geir, perHarald, a Taste of Vesterålen, but not all. These pairs were split for individual mounting in the coastal defense role 2011, stoltenberg, trondenes clerical district, and other families, a b Thorsnæs. The battery trav was last fired in 1957 and formally decommissioned in 1964. Includes Figenschou, also available in a searchable database online at Digitalarkivet Digital Archives. However, to become a separate municipality, trondenes clerical district Sand Bjarkøy parish. Trondenes included the majority of the island.

    The 186-square-kilometre (72 sq mi) municipality existed from 1838 until its dissolution in 1964.Trondenes, church (Norwegian: Trondenes kirke) is the northernmost medieval stone church of Norway and the world s northernmost surviving medieval building.It is a parish church of the Church of Norway in Harstad Municipality in Troms county, Norway.

    History Trondenes is a østrogenbehandling family festival held next. A small border adjustment was made between Trondenes and the neighboring Kvæfjord Municipality. Photo taken on May 17, róndarnes since the first Trondenes Church was built there. Sound freidig and smell 700 died in Norway during their captivity. Trondenes Church 246 was declared a ladested and was therefore separated from Trondenes on to become a separate municipality.