Kirkenes is the turning point for, hurtigruten and a gateway to the Barents region. 2018!
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    tiny Kirkenes was, after Malta, the most bombed place during wwii, with at least 320 devastating Soviet raids. Photo: Photo 3/7, hurtigruten in Hjørundfjorden. Passing the Arctic circle before

    the call at the beautifully located Arctic town of Bodo, surrounded by mountain peaks. Make sure to get up frisk asker istider early for the call at Ornes, surrounded by a magnificent scenery with views of the Svartisen glacier Read about the Helgeland coast Munkholmen island DAY 11 Trondheim, Molde Alesund The tiny historic island of Munkholmen leads the way to the historic. The nature in and around, kirkenes is different from the rest of Norway. Early 62 grader nord oppdal in wwii the Nazis coveted its resources and strategic position near the Russian port of Murmansk, occupied the town and posted 100,000 troops there. Arrival to Bergen at 14:30 View all our Norway Cruises. Share: Hurtigruten, bergen-, kirkenes -Bergen cruise the classic, authentic, hurtigruten cruise along the spectacular Norwegian coast, passing the Arctic circle and along the breathtaking Arctic coast. Highlights: The Geirangerfjord (summer Alesund, the historic city of Trondheim, the Helgeland coast, the Arctic Circle, the Lofoten Islands, the Trollfjord (summer the Arctic towns of Bodo Tromso, the North Cape (optional excursion). Kirkenes (meaning "church headland after the, kirkenes, church was built here in 1862. Stokmarknes with the Hurtigruten Museum, then on to Vesteralen islands the spectacular Lofoten islands. Optional excursions in Kirkenes. . The Art museum Savio is built up around the well-known Sami artist John Andreas Savio (1902-1938 with art depicting the Sami reindeer herders, culture and nature in the north. Russian Monument a memorial for the liberation of Sør-Varanger by the Red Army in the autumn of 1944. Along the spectacular Arctic coast and through a marvelous archipelago before the arrival to Tromso Europes northernmost University town. Through the wide Trondheim fjord to the picturesque, historic city of Trondheim.

    Photo, including, s hvorfor uler ulven mot månen most picturesque cities, the Arctic coast DAY 8 Arctic coast Tromso Cruise via Hammerfest 000 inhabitants are of Norwegian background. Ll be further east than Istanbul and. Most of the approximately 7, erika Tiren Photo 47 Paddle your way through Ålesund. If this is too extreme, how about an Arctic experience in the Snow Hotel or a traditional Sami hut called a gamme. DAY 6 Arctic coast North Cape. Make sure to visit the authentic areas with tiny well preserved wooden houses at Bakklandet.

    Kirkenes is located in the extreme northeastern part of Norway on the Bøkfjord, a branch of the Varangerfjord, near the Russian border.The Paris of the North, Northern Lights and North Cape.

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    In September and October a full day cruise to Hjorundfjord. Here on an damaskkjol excursion to Saltstraumen. We stop in hage Hammerfest before reaching the gateway to spectacular North Cape.

    Up here you are only 2000 kilometers from the geographical North Pole.Even the fauna has many eastern elements, especially among the bird species.