EuroBonus has four membership levels: Member, Silver, Gold and Diamond. 2018!
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    20/8 and 16/12 - 7/1, also on Saturdays 13/1 - 7/7, 2018. Up to 10 discount in the rest of the world on best available rates, surances fees. Benefits

    within Star Alliance Take your benefits even further. Right from the start you get benefits and offers hidrosadenitt that make your flying easier and more rewarding. If you are looking for a good resource to cram for your imperial examination on SAS' EuroBonus partners, this is the interactive page for you. Book now As a EuroBonus Silver member, you'll fly in true comfort while climbing steadily to the next EuroBonus level toward your dream trip or another reward. . Get automatic Avis Preferred membership. We all have to start somewhere, and EuroBonus members will typically start out as an entry level Member (with absolutely no hazing involved, we promise). For trips with departure from May 7, 2018, this benefit will no longer apply in SAS Go Light. Please note that some airlines do not offer this benefit on individual flights but only on connecting Star Alliance flights. Free calls and texts with the EuroBonus Connect app (to other EuroBonus members). Car rental EuroBonus Silver Avis (discount code K126200) Earn at least 1 000 Extra points on each rental online Add an extra driver free. Diamond, once you reach 100,000 points or 100 one way trips, you can proudly call yourself a Diamond member and reward yourself with a delicious kransekaka. Just remember to renew the gift each year as long as you are a Gold member. MemberSilverGoldDiamond Benefits for EuroBonus Members Get a flying start. For complete terms and conditions, see SAS Lounges and SAS Fast Track * Also includes skis, golf bags, etc (except firearms). Take advantage of benefits, offers and discounts from SAS and our partners. Order new card/Smart Pass/baggage tags by logging in and go to My EuroBonus - Order new card more. Radisson Priority on waiting list. S ome airlines do not offer this benefit on individual flights but only on connecting Star Alliance flights. No annual fee for SAS EuroBonus Diners Club or MasterCard. Basic points can be redeemed for award flights, and these points will help you scale the membership tier ladder. Special rates and offers during selected holiday periods. Remember that your membership number must be registered on the trip to be able to use your benefits. 23 kg/51 lbs each. Give away Gold card or 2 Silver cards (great if you have 2 family members fighting over your free card).

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    Park Inn vegg Hotels Highest priority on waiting list. At the time of booking, car rental EuroBonus Member Avis discount code N070000 Earn ivar at least 1 000 Extra points on each rental online Add an extra driver free. Our EuroBonus Diamond level offers you the best benefits that make your travel easier and more joyful.

    And as you earn points and level up, the benefits and rewards just get better and.As a Gold member, we want your travel to be as smooth as possible.

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    Though they cannot transfer points from family account to any other account. Austria and Switzerland and 10 in the rest of the world. No, read more, no, yes, one 1 free or 20kg checked bagage with eurobonus gold benefits Star Alliance. Save up to 20 on Sixt limousine service in Germany. Read more here Give a EuroBonus Silver card to a family member or friend. On SAS, for eurobonus gold benefits more information on what applies for your trip. Yes 000 basic points in a year or following through with 10 one way trips.