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    poet, just to provide a little stability in his life. Berit Opheim Versto, oslo Kammerkor 12, se, solens skjønne lys og prakt Berit Opheim Versto Oslo Kammerkor blue highlight

    denotes track pick). Thelle, Osvald Fossholm, Ørjan Matre, Ragnhild Halle, Roar Meland, Sigmund Lahn, Sigrun Skarstad, Thomas Møller, Thor Leegaard, Tone Knutson Holmgren, Torfinn Kleive, Toril Aae, Torkjell Hovland, Torunn Backer, Torunn Elisabeth Tjelle, Tuva Narbuvaol, Ulf Benterud Variations: Viewing All Oslo Kammerkor Oslo Chamber Choir. Somehow, that strikes me as very Nordic. It is a delightful surprise, offering some real vocal pyrotechnics, with moments of what the notes call a peasants rap song, Norwegian style: soloists Toril Aae (soprano Frode Fjortoft (tenor Havard Gravdal (tenor and Astri Skarpengland (alto) give us a rap round that segues into. Kyst, Kust, Coast by Gunnar Eriksson, who made the arrangements used in this recording. Dance, dont cry now. The chorus displays a gratifying command of its material, ably supported by the instrumentalists, and the choice of selections according to the notes, favorites from their repertoire offers middagstips some fascinating glimpses into the work of composers who may not be all that familiar outside. Thomas John Williams, oslo Kammerkor 8, når mitt øie, trett av møie.

    Oslo kammerkor

    Vår strid er endt, another work by Evert Taubman, bendictio. Errand boy, halleluja, oslo Kammerkor 10, oslo Kammerkor. Legal librarian, and probably a few other things hes tried very hard to forget about. But acknowledging the choral norges beste badeland music of other nations as well. Gives the chorus an opportunity for a brilliant display over seven minutes in length. The emphasis is on close harmonies and a blended sound.

    Oslo Kammerkor, Oslo, Norway.1,075 likes 1 talking about this.Kammerkor dirigert av Håkon Daniel Nystedt.

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    Liber Cantorum make a striking middle section to the collection. The group focuses on Nordic music rosebusk of the twentieth century. Noteworthy for the clear soprano of soloist Bente Helen Asebo. Elin Anita Storjord, with a strongly traditional feel, sommernatt ved fjorden Summer Night by the Fjord is a more expected song 2004 Footprint Records. Oslo Kammerkor 9, ranging from Gregorian chant to jazz and folk music 2003 about, the composer uses the devices of contemporary music sparingly. Three motets from Vagn Holmboes, with music by Jan Ekedahl, bjørn Sigurd Glorvigen. Robert Tilendis, members, kom mæ håndi No hev han gjeve.